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Tue, 14 Jun 2011

Post post viva

I blogged previously about my PhD viva. I've finally got the examiners' reports, and was quite surprised by the difference between the two. Suffice it to say that one was much more positive than the other, and reassuringly for me, the more positive one was also from the examiner who is both more experienced in the role, and more familiar with my research area. (It's probably not hard for most readers to work out which one is which.)

I'm only kicking myself since I could, given this information, perhaps have steered quite a different path through the viva that would have resulted in far less extra work being demanded of me. Nevertheless, the same points in favour of doing the “corrections” that I am doing (a.k.a. self-financed development work) still stand from my last post, so I shouldn't kick myself too hard.

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