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Wed, 02 Jun 2010

Making a SPLASH

So my paper about Cake was accepted for OOPSLA at SPLASH---hooray! You can find a preprint in my publications section. Overall the reviews were positive, modulo a few legitimate grumbles about related work and evaluation. I still have implementation work to do, but I'm hoping to make a big software release at the end of the summer---as well as, hopefully, submitting my dissertation. The acceptance is a nice vindication of my work (and, not being completely unvindictive, I have to say it's a welcome rebuttal to the naysayers!).

This is the first full-length research paper I've published, and has taken me a despairingly long time, but I finally feel as though I'm getting the hang of it all. I'm also finding that the infrastructure I've built can be applied to many different problems, and I have a giant and growing list of ideas to pursue in future work. The one thing that lets me down is my ability to implement my ideas to any reasonable schedule! Perhaps the knack is being very careful (not to mention experienced) about choosing which ideas to pursue, and how. Oh, another thing that lets me down is not having a job lined up for after I finish this pesky PhD....

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