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Wed, 01 Jun 2011

Memtable again

I've finally got a nicely packaged implementation of memtables, the data structure I introduced in a previous blog post. It's in a single header---memtable.h. I've also fixed a couple of stupid bugs that crept into malloc_hooks.c just before I released the initial version. You can see an example of combining these two in heap_index_hooks.c---which you can compile into a simple LD_PRELOADable shared library that will instrument the glibc malloc to keep an indexed table of allocated chunks, keyed on address. It's pretty easy to search the memtable to find the heap chunk for a given pointer anywhere into an object. I'll integrate this into my Cake runtime implementation soon, and the whole lot will appear here in due course (i.e. eventually).

If you use any of these files, please drop me a line to say how you got on---I'd really appreciate it.

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