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Tue, 29 Sep 2009

Standalone ksmserver, part 2: getting it right

I blogged previously about my attempts to use KDE's session manager in a standalone fashion (with fvwm, in my case). What I presented there isn't entirely satisfactory, mainly because not all window sizes and positions get restored when restoring the session. I've finally worked out why. Unfortunately, this has also revealed that some content in the previous post is wrong. Allow me to correct myself here.

So, all you need in your fvwm config is something like the following.

AddToFunc SessionInitFunction
 + I Exec dcop klauncher klauncher autoStart 3; \
dcop ksmserver ksmserver autoStart0Done; \
dcop ksmserver ksmserver kcmPhase1Done; \
dcop ksmserver ksmserver autoStart1Done; \
dcop ksmserver ksmserver kcmPhase2Done; \
sleep 4; dcop ksmserver ksmserver autoStart2Done

# assuming you quit using a Quit-Verify menu...
AddToMenu Quit-Verify   "Quit"  SaveQuitSession

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